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What is SmartLink Add-on?

What is SmartLink?

A 'SmartLink' is a LinkMyDeals' URL that redirects any of your outgoing links via your preferred Affiliate Network (as per your settings). Again, the URL to which the user is redirected is the same deeplink that is generated by the respective affiliate networks. It contains YOUR affiliate ID, and you get 100% of the commission.

How SmartLink Add-on works?

Normally, a smartlink can be created only for the stores that a publisher has subscribed to. However, with Smartlinks addon, you can generate a Smartlink for all stores. (including those you are not subscribed to)

Note: It is not mandatory for you to add the SmartLink add-on to your subscription. The SmartLinks for your subscribed stores would work just fine without it.

To purchase the SmartLink Add-on, click here.

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