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LinkMyDeals Troubleshoot Configuration Details

If you have installed the LinkMyDeals plugin on your WordPress website, but coupons are not being pulled, you should check the troubleshoot configuration from here 
WordPress Admin > Tools > Site Health > LinkMyDeals

LinkMyDeals Troubleshoot shows you every detail about the configuration for the Linkmydeals plugin. 

  • Theme: This field checks if you have installed the LinkMyDeals plugin on one of the compatible WordPress Themes.
  • WP-Cron: WP-Cron is a WordPress feature that executes scheduled jobs. The field checks if the WP-Cron has been enabled for your website from your hosting service provider. For Auto-pilot mode to work smoothly, it is crucial that WP-Cron is enabled for you.
  • cURL: It allows the user to create HTTP requests from your website to the LinkMyDeals API. This check ensures PHP CURL is enabled on your hosting server.
  • Images: This is an optional check. Not all WordPress theme support third-party images. Only select theme support third-party images in offers (Eg - ClipMyDeals). However, if your website does not support images then we highly recommend you add Store Logos in WordPress as a fallback when an image is not available for an offer.
  • Database: This field checks your database character set. The recommended character set is utf8mb4 since it supports Non-English characters.
  • File Permissions: Permission is required to write debug logs. These logs can be accessed by the technical team to investigate an issue related to API calls.
  • Allow URL fopen: The allow_url_fopen is a setting managed through the PHP Options which is needed to allow your website to retrieve any CSV files from the LinkMyDeals server.
  • Exif: This check is important if you want to import images to your website. LinkMyDeals uses it to ensure that the image dimensions will appear appropriately on your website.

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