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How do I map store to custom store name?

At LinkMyDeals the store name is a combination of Domain + Extension. (Eg:,, etc). Our store mapping feature can be really helpful for you especially if you have WordPress website. Because in WordPress, if you already have a particular store but the name of the store is slightly different as compared to LinkMyDeals (example Amazon and, then a new store will be created on your website.

Thus to avoid duplicate stores being created on your website and all your coupons being mapped to that duplicate store, it is important that you map LinkMyDeals store name to your Website's existing store name

Just follow the below steps for mapping store names:

  1. Login to LinkMyDeals dashboard -
  2. Go to Mappings > Store Mappings
  3. Add your WordPress Store slug under the custom store name box
  4. Click on save mappings
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