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How to configure Rehub theme correctly to ensure smooth integration with LinkMyDeals

For correctly configuring Rehub as a coupon theme that will fully support LinkMyDeals, please follow the below steps .

  1. Install and activate the LinkMyDeals plugin in your WordPress admin panel
  2. Installation wizard will run as soon as you activate plugin; if the installation wizard does not run automatically then go to rehub > registrations and click on 'run installation wizard'
  3. In the Installation wizard, you need to ensure the below 3 things (configure the remaining things as per your needs)
    1. Import theme: ReDeal
    2. Create pages: Blog section and Affiliate store pages
    3. Select and install 'elementor' plugin when prompted
  4. Complete the setup and return to the dashboard.
That's it, LinkMyDeals should now run perfectly on your website.

In case of any further difficulties/queries, please feel free to reach out to our support team by simply raising a ticket.

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 Last Updated 3 years ago

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