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How to Configure Rehub correctly as a coupon website

Rehub has a lot of functionalities. So it can be used as a normal blogging theme, as a Price Comparison website, or as a Coupon website, etc. So the first and foremost thing to do is to change your post layout to look like a Coupon.

Step 1

  • Login into your Rehub WordPress admin panel.
  • Go to Rehub ==> Theme Options ==> General Options in the left menu.
  • Make sure that your 'Post Layout' is set to something which supports 'offers' - eg. "Big post offer block in top".

Step 2

Next, Rehub does not support "Store" taxonomy by default. This needs to be specifically enabled. To do this, follow the below steps.

  • Go to 'Affiliate' under theme options itself.
  • Turn On the option - "Enable brand (store) taxonomy for posts"

Step 3

  • Enable 'Save store to Post' in the same 'Affiliate' panel.

Step 4

At this moment, your theme is configured to upload Offers and have associated stores and categories. But there is one minor problem still remaining. Rehub expects you to add a featured image to each of the offers. But since you are going to mass import coupons & deals from LinkMyDeals, it will be very difficult to add images to each offer.

To solve this, LinkMyDeals' Rehub Plugin maps your store's thumbnail as the featured image of the offers during import. This means that all your stores need to have a logo uploaded. Below are the steps to do that 

  • Go to Posts ==> Affiliate Store.
  • Create store with name as you have given to LinkMyDeals at the time of installation or vice versa.
  • Upload store logo there.

Step 5

Now all that remains is to pull feeds from LinkMyDeals.

  • Install LinkMyDeals Rehub plugin.
  • Enter your API key.
  • Enable Auto-Update.
  • Enjoy Vacations.


So that is how you need to properly configure Rehub to work as a Coupon Theme and pull offers from LinkMyDeals.

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 Last Updated 11 months ago

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