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For Few Coupons Description is Too Short

As a policy, we provide all the information needed for the end user to avail the offer. If you see that we have missed upon certain information which was necessary, kindly mention the coupon ID while raising the ticket .

On the other hand, if you want to stretch the description part we can customise your feed & randomly add statements in your feed such as:
  1. This offer is valid till dd-mm-yyyy.
  2. This offer is expiring soon. Avail Now!
  3. This is the best deal/coupon for day. Hurry before it expires.
  4. (In case of coupon codes) : Apply the code at cart page to activate the offer.
  5. (In case of deals) : Shop from the page opened in new tab to use the offer.
  6. Hottest offer in this category.
  7. Don't miss out on this great discount, they don't come so easily.
  8. And other such phrases provided from your end.
Thus description may be elongated based as a customisation request.

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