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Can LinkMyDeals' Feed be Used For Reward Programs?

For reward programs you can definitely subscribe to our coupon feeds, however, you must note the following:

Does LinkMyDeals provide Exclusive Coupons?

Yes, LinkMyDeals can help you with exclusive coupons that will be unique to each publisher for select partnered brands. However, this feature is enjoyed only by our Exclusive pack members.

Can I monetize the Exclusive Coupons?

It depends on a case-to-case basis. Generally, we encourage our publishers to use exclusive coupons for gratification purposes. If you are looking to monetize your coupon feed then we would suggest you get the coupon feed from LinkMyDeals for the publicly available coupons.

Can I use Exclusive coupons for gratification?

Yes, you can use the Exclusive coupons for reward systems too. You can reward your customer for accomplishing a certain goal.

Can I choose the stores for which I need the exclusive coupons?

LinkMyDeals team reaches out to the store and secures the exclusive coupons for you. Hence, you cannot choose the store. We will share the coupons for all the brands that we are partnered with.
If you have any suggestions for the brands that we can partner with, then please let us know at

Are LinkMyDeal's Exclusive Coupons available to all publishers?

No, the exclusive coupons are available to our exclusive pack members only. The coupon code that one publisher receives is not received by any other publisher. Hence the coupon which you have is specially curated for you!

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