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How to use coupon custom template

The Coupon Custom Template allows you to personalize the appearance and information layout of your coupons using HTML and predefined variables. These variables will fetch coupon details such as description, link, store name, code, dates, and images to create a tailored coupon display.

The following placeholders can be used to insert specific coupon details:

  • {{description}}: Coupon description
  • {{link}}: Affiliate link
  • {{label}}: Coupon label
  • {{store}}: Store name
  • {{code}}: Coupon code (if applicable)
  • {{start_date}}: Coupon start date
  • {{expiry}}: Coupon expiry date
  • {{image}}: Coupon image
  • {{image_url}}: Image URL

Apart from using these variables, you can also use the HTML "visual editor" to replace the coupon design as per your requirement.

Please note that after you change the layout of the coupons, you have to "Drop and Resync Offers" from your LinkMyDeals plugin > Import Coupon Feed.

We have also attached a screenshot below for your reference


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