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Unable to See My Affiliate ID in URLs

SmartLinks in your feed redirect users to end store URL via your preferred affiliate program and with your own affiliate ID. To read more about the working of SmartLinks, please go through

SmartLinks are generated as per the affiliate program/networks' own deeplinking tool. To test this you may compare URL generated at with the URL generated in affiliate network/program's deeplinking tool.

Further, it is not at all necessary or even a requirement that your affiliate ID should be present in the end store URL. Presence of your affiliate ID depends upon affiliate networks' arrangement with the store and has nothing to do with the working of LinkMyDeals.

However, you can check the redirection path of SmartLinks using free third party tools like Simply copy & paste SmartLink on and see the redirection path. There you will also be able to see your affiliate ID (at an appropriate stage of redirection).


If you still cannot see your ID, checkout to make sure that all your settings are in place.

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