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How featured placement works?

Every day, dozens of affiliate marketers (also known as publishers) all around the world log into LinkMyDeals. From coupon websites to bloggers, they log in for a variety of reasons, from downloading coupon feeds to managing their affiliate tracking or using our affiliate marketing tools. This makes LinkMyDeals the perfect platform to promote your new store or your affiliate program!

Featured placement will help you get noticed by affiliate marketers. Your affiliate program will be highlighted as a "Featured Affiliate Program" on the Store Affiliate Program Page and as a "Featured Merchant" on the Merchant Deeplinks Page.

This will help publishers register for your affiliate program. After getting approval, the publisher will start promoting your store's coupons and deals on their websites. And this helps you increase your sales and promote your store with dozens of publishers.

Plus, we will send out a newsletter to all our publishers and promote your store and affiliate program. Promote your store from here:


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