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How to Fetch Affiliate IDs
For fetching AdmitAd ID check:

For all other affiliate programs:

Each affiliate network/program has your ID mentioned in their respective default/base URL. This ID is mentioned after certain fixed parameter in URL and ends with the end of URL or with the '&' i.e. the start of another parameter. This is in all regular cases; note that there may be exceptions. Few examples of above are as follows:

  • For vCommission, Payoom, Icubeswire & Clickonik: aff_id=
  • For Optimise: AID=
  • For Cuelinks: pub_id=
  • For Flipkart: affid=
  • For Snapdeal: aff_id=
  • For Infibeam: trackID=
  • For Amazon: tag= and so on.
One notable exception to above method is DGM. Wherein you simply have to copy your Dg-Affiliate-Id mentioned in 'Coupons' section of dgmPerform dashboard and ignore URL based method.

For more queries drop in a new ticket to support.

 Last updated Mon, Jan 16 2017 4:41pm

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