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How to install the new LinkMyDeals plugin

Below are the steps for installing the new LinkMyDeals plugin in your WordPress website:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel then go to plugins
  2. Click on add new and search for LinkMyDeals
  3. You need to install the plugin named "LinkMyDeals" (It should show up first in the search results)
  4. Click on install then click activate
  5. Once installed you should see a new section in your WordPress named LinkMyDeals, click on it
  6. API key: Copy your API key from your LinkMyDeals dashboard and paste it here
  7. Batch size: This is number of offers that will be processed/uploaded in a minute on your website (reduce this number if you are facing server timeout issues)
  8. Auto Pilot: Check this box if you want to automatically fetch coupons and deals on your website.
  9. Import offer images: Check this box if you wish to fetch images associated with coupons (Images are given as it is, and only if they have been uploaded by the merchant/source. LinkMyDeals team does not collect, create or modify any images.)
  10. Click save

You have successfully installed and configured your LinkMyDeals plugin

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