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Can I use LinkMyDeals plugin, if I am not using any supported themes?

Yes, you can use the LinkMyDeals plugin with any of the themes. Our plugin will still import offers to your website however, they will be uploaded to your website as a simple "WordPress Posts".

If you wish to display the coupons in a proper coupon format, then you might want to explore below most popular coupon theme that have a custom post template for coupons:

  • ClipMyDeals
  • Rehub
  • Clipper
  • CouponXL
  • CouponXXL
  • PremiumPress
  • Couponis
  • Coupon-WP
  • Couponer
  • MTSCoupon
  • Couponhut
  • WP-Coupon-Pro
  • CouponMart

If you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to reach out to our support at

 Last Updated 6 months ago

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